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7th Oct 2020 - Blog, Products, ONDA Coolwaves, Cellulite

Game Changing Lynton Device Features in The Daily Mail

How to Shift Excess Weight from Lockdown? Mattie visited Lynton approved clinic Tempus Belgravia in London to try DEKA’s new revolutionary body sculpting device; the ONDA. ONDA, distributed in the... Read more

21st Sep 2020 - Blog, Products, 3JUVE, ResurFACE

Anti-Ageing Treatment to Enliven Your Clients’ Skin

Anti-Ageing Facial Machine Developed by the UK’s No.1 Laser and IPL Manufacturer A Facial Treatment You Can Customise Every face is unique – precisely why any facial treatment should be... Read more

1st Sep 2020 - Blog, Company News, illumiFacial, LUMINA, Events

illumiFacial® Giveaway with a Lynton Device Purchase at PB World 2020

At Professional Beauty Worldwide Lynton Lasers will be giving away an illumiFacial® package with any Lynton device purchase made at the online event.  You can generate over £7000 in treatments... Read more

7th Aug 2020 - Blog, Company News, Products, Motus AY

DEKA’s Laser Hair Removal Game Changer…

Used in the NHS and Aesthetic Clinics Across the Globe… British manufacturer Lynton Lasers and Italian manufacturer, DEKA bring over 50 years’ worth of laser expertise to the UK aesthetic... Read more

15th Jun 2020 - Company News, Products, ONDA Coolwaves, Cellulite

Lynton Lasers Introduces ONDA Coolwaves™ New Smart Handpiece for Treating the Submental Area

Submental Area  Recently crowned in Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide as the “Number 1 Treatment for A Dimple Free Derriere”, the ONDA Coolwaves™ adds the treatment of the submental area to... Read more

15th Jun 2020 - Company News, Products

Lynton Lasers Launches the PlumeSafe® Turbo Smoke Evacuator

Laser Plume One significant issue Aesthetic practitioners face as we move forward post COVID-19, is the generation of laser plume, smoke-like particles released from the skin during Laser and IPL... Read more

8th May 2020 - Products, Webinars, Motus AY

Free Webinar: Learn the Latest Advancements in LASER Hair Removal

Join Dr Sam Hills PhD, Honorary Lecturer University of Manchester on Wednesday 13th May 11:30am to learn about the latest advancements in laser hair removal. This webinar hosted by Aesthetic... Read more

28th Apr 2020 - Company News, Skincare

Win £1000 In Lynton Skincare…

A Video Content Creation Competition for Lynton Customers Lynton wants to encourage you to step up to the challenge of creating great video content for your customers NOW for the... Read more

20th Apr 2020 - Blog, Products, illumiFacial, Skincare

The Selfie, That Doesn’t Need A Filter – Amy Jayne Bowler, Founder of Amy Jayne Aesthetics

        Read Amy Jayne’s blog from her website: Amy Jayne Aesthetics  October has been such an exciting month for my business. I have taken on the lovely... Read more

15th Apr 2020 - Blog, ONDA Coolwaves, Cellulite

Cellulite: Definition, Causes and Treatments

Extensive scientific evidence concludes that 80-90% of adult women suffer from cellulite in their lifetime. With studies suggesting that over 80% of sufferers see the cosmetic condition as affecting their... Read more

15th Apr 2020 - Blog, ONDA Coolwaves, Cellulite

Effectiveness of microwaves in the treatment of cellulite: a preliminary study

Women are most commonly affected by cellulite due to the structure and anatomy of their subcutaneous septa compared to men. Particularly in women, fibrous septa are usually oriented, perpendicularly to... Read more

14th Apr 2020 - Blog, ONDA Coolwaves, Cellulite

The Future of Body Shaping

The Onda device from Deka will revolutionise body shaping with smart Coolwaves™ technology for varying body contouring applications. Onda (Italian for ‘wave’), is a new device made by Deka in Italy... Read more


Expansion of Premises to Facilitate Entry into Export Markets

To facilitate its entry into new export markets, Lynton Lasers Ltd required increased manufacturing space, as well as new demonstration and training facilities. To this end, LEADER Funding was applied for, and won, to support the refurbishment of an adjacent business unit (Unit 9d) as well as the re-arrangement and refurbishment of the existing business unit (Unit 6) on Holmes Chapel Business Park.

This Project was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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Registered Office: Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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