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Keeping businesses thriving, developing and learning during the uncertain times of COVID-19

3rd Jul 2020 - Webinars

Free Webinar: How A Single One Minute Video Can Give You A Months’ Worth of Content

Lynton Lasers are hosting a webinar with Richard-Crawford-Small, Founder of The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs Group on Thursday 9th July at 11:00am. This includes a discussion about how you can create engaging... Read more

3rd Jul 2020 - Webinars

Free Webinar: Introduction to Skin Rejuvenation with Energy Based Devices

Hayley Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Lynton Lasers and Rhiannon Smith, Clinical Trainer at Lynton Lasers are hosting a webinar all about skin rejuvenation on Wednesday 8th July at... Read more

1st Jul 2020 - Company News, COVID-19 Guidance

Lynton Lasers Joins Professional Beauty’s Salon Safe Campaign

As Lockdown restrictions are lifting, aesthetic clinics are still awaiting clarity on when they can reopen their doors. Lynton Lasers COVID-19 Resources Following Lynton’s COVID-19 reopening resources being released, Lynton... Read more

15th Jun 2020 - COVID-19 Guidance, Support Articles

Digital Marketing Help Guides from Rick O’Neill, a Digital Consultant in the Aesthetics Industry

Digital Marketing  Digital marketing involves all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet to connect with current and prospective customers.  Businesses leverage digital channels such as: Search... Read more

15th Jun 2020 - Company News, Products, Onda

Lynton Lasers Introduces ONDA Coolwaves™ New Smart Handpiece for Treating the Submental Area

Submental Area  Recently crowned in Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide as the “Number 1 Treatment for A Dimple Free Derriere”, the ONDA Coolwaves™ adds the treatment of the submental area to... Read more

15th Jun 2020 - Company News, Products

Lynton Lasers Launches the PlumeSafe® Turbo Smoke Evacuator

Laser Plume One significant issue Aesthetic practitioners face as we move forward post COVID-19, is the generation of laser plume, smoke-like particles released from the skin during Laser and IPL... Read more

11th Jun 2020 - Webinars

Free Webinar: Acne – How to Provide Truly Effective Treatment Plans for Your Clients

Acne is a disorder of the skin’s sebaceous glands that affects over 80% of the population aged 14-30. It is one of the most common skin conditions in teenagers and... Read more

10th Jun 2020 - COVID-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Reopening Checklist for Lynton Lasers Customers

Following the global pandemic of COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdown of non-essential services, aesthetic clinics are now preparing to reopen. Reopening your clinic after COVID-19 will require new and advanced... Read more

9th Jun 2020 - COVID-19 Guidance

COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Lynton Lasers Customers

Following recent government announcements, some clinics are seeking guidance on procedures to minimise risk to both clients and clinicians when delivering treatments post lock-down. To assist our customers, Lynton Lasers... Read more

5th Jun 2020 - COVID-19 Guidance, Webinars

Free Webinar: Reopening Checklist for Lynton Clinics During COVID-19

Reopening your clinic after COVID-19 will require new processes and policies to be in place.  Join Dr Jon Exley (PhD), Managing Director at Lynton Lasers on Tuesday 9th June at... Read more

4th Jun 2020 - Webinars

Free Webinar: National Medical Weight Loss Programme™

Lynton Lasers are delighted to be hosting this webinar on behalf of the National Medical Weight Loss Programme™ (NMWLP) with Sandy Green, Founder of NMWLP on Wednesday 10th of June... Read more

29th May 2020 - Webinars

Free Webinar: Expert and Ethical Consultations for Business Growth

The consultation is a crucial part of your customers journey. It is a huge opportunity for you to gain trust and communicate your differentiators, ultimately helping to build a loyal... Read more

What our customers say

Lynton Lasers attended CCR 2019 showcasing our range of systems. CCR Expo is one of the most influential events for surgeons, doctors, nurses, dermatologists, dentists and practice managers committed to excellence across the whole spectrum of aesthetic medicine. Francesca White interviewed Hayley Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Lynton about the brand new Onda body contouring system. The Onda is the worlds first and only device to use the revolutionary new technology for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction: Coolwaves™ by DEKA. This is a game-changer for cellulite which is a huge problem for women. The treatment is backed up by incredibly strong clinical evidence. It will dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite and in addition, it will do skin tightening, help to remove fat and remove localised deposits of fat. The results are amazing.

Interview at CCR with Francesca White , Editor of Tatler Magazine , Tatler Magazine

I am lucky enough to have a Lynton LUMINA®, it is an award-winning, multi-functional machine. It is one of the most popular laser & IPL machines due to its unique ability to combine multiple technologies in one, stand-alone aesthetic platform.

Amy Jayne, Clinic Director, Amy Jayne Aesthetics Limited

Here at Sandon Court Clinic, Plymouth, we have been using the Lynton 3JUVE system and we have achieved some outstanding results for our clients. Lynton obtains a high standard of customer service and always provides tailored informative training, so we can provide the best-tailored treatments for our clients.

Sandon Court Clinic Plymouth

"Lynton Lasers you get back what you put out! We love you guys at Lynton!"

At Ten Years Younger in Exeter, we are proud to say we use The Lynton EXCELIGHT® system, which helps us achieve phenomenal results for our clients. Whether you're relieving the symptoms of Rosacea or treating thread veins, sun spots or fine lines the transformation of the client’s skin not only has an impact on the way they look or how they apply their makeup but on the way, they feel about themselves. Lynton’s outstanding customer service and training days have helped us enhance our client's experience and be able to target a wider range of clients concerns.

Ten Years Younger

Having recently made the decision to set up a new service in The Fylde Clinic we were looking for a suitable partner to provide laser hair and pigment removal. Lynton from the outset were very helpful and professional in the advice and support they provided. We opted for the Lynton, which has allowed our clinic to offer more cost-effective and safer treatment. Since the introduction of the laser, we feel the results have been superior to those we could have achieved with another laser machine or IPL.

The Fylde Clinic

The 3JUVE system has provided our clinic with an option for every rejuvenation client, from wrinkles to eye bags to thread vessels and pigment. Our clients love the results of all three technologies. It is the 2nd most used device on the premises after our hair removal laser.  Where applicable, client uptake for upkeep sessions is also at an impressively high level, which speaks volumes. I also love the fact that the IPL on the 3JUVE has the capability to treat individual skin lesions with the interchangeable light guides, which allows us to gain more new clients and provide more comprehensive treatments during our usual rejuvenation sessions.

We don’t have any old laser, we have a Lynton laser. Quality machines and top class training.

Heidi Smith, Clinic Director, Blank Canvas Lasers - https://blankcanvaslasers.co.uk/

I am so proud to be apart of the Lynton Lasers family.

Amy Jayne, Clinic Director, Amy Jayne Aesthetics Limited

I've been working with various types of laser at my clinic for many years now. The most highly sought-after treatments are undoubtedly those for the aesthetic sector. For this reason, I believe that the new Motus AY system is a truly ground-breaking initiative for our sector. Motus AY is a compact low-cost system, yet it also has enormous potential. While the Moveo technology of the Motus AX system revolutionised the field of assisted laser epilation, now Nd:YAG has gone one step further, extending the range of possible treatments to all patients wanting to remove vascular blemishes from their face and legs. It’s the ideal system for professionals wanting to move into the world of laser, because with a relatively minor investment the medical centre can be equipped with a high-performance system and a broad range of treatments. It is also useful for centres with high demand for epilation and vascular treatments and which want to offer more patient treatments to increase their turnover.

Prof. Nicola Zerbinati, M.D., Department of Dermatology

Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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