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SYNCHRO QS4 – Powerful Tattoo Removal Laser by DEKA

Powerful Q-Switched Tattoo Removal Laser to Remove ALL Treatable Colours

Unrivalled Power and Clearance on the Colours that Count

In today’s market, treating all treatable tattoo colours is a standard application for any high-specification tattoo removal laser. What is most important to practitioners is the power and speed in which they can treat the overwhelming majority of their clients who request the removal of black ink, ensuring quick clearance and high client satisfaction.

The SYNCHRO QS4 has been explicitly designed for this purpose, providing laser practitioners with a laser that focuses its ability on ultra-high peak powers to remove what the majority of clients request: removal of dark tattoos. Despite this, the QS4 is equipped with four highly-powered Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser wavelengths to ensure removal of all treatable tattoo pigments if required.

The SYNCHRO QS4 can also be used to effectively treat a broad range of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions.

  • Superior power & speed on the main request tattoo colour: black ink
  • Unique 4 wavelength laser with proven, clinical results for all treatable tattoo colours, including greens, blues & reds
  • Large homogeneous square spot technology delivers easier more precise coverage. As a result, treatment times can be up to 20% shorter

Four Q-Switched Wavelengths in One Laser Platform

The Synchro QS4 incorporates four independent laser wavelengths to help treat a broad spectrum of tattoo colours: 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm and 650nm. The wavelength selected is determined by the pigment colour (ink) or chromophore, which is delivered to interact and be absorbed by the skin tissue, creating a photo-acoustic effect.

These four wavelengths are widely considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for tattoo removal by Dermatologists and can be safely combined to eliminate the toughest coloured inks: green, blue and reds.

Homogenous Square-Spot Technology

A unique characteristic of the Synchro QS4 is its utilisation of a homogeneous square-spot technology. The square spot profile allows safer and more effective treatments due to the homogeneous energy distribution over the treated area.

The Synchro QS4 handpiece ensures a perfect square spot shape beam profile, which is able to distribute the power of the laser homogeneously across the output beam profile. This then results in less skin trauma and decreases the incidence of side effects.

Easier and more precise coverage of the entire treatment area is possible. As the QS4 avoids unwanted overlapping, for patients this can result in up to a 20% reduction in treatment downtime in tattoo removal compared to traditional spot shapes.

Can the SYNCHRO QS4 treat all tattoo colours?

Yes. With this multi-wavelength platform, the 1064nm laser is perfect to remove blue or black ink pigment and dermal pigmentation. The 532nm laser is ideal for treatment of red, purple, and orange ink pigments and superficial pigmentation. The additional of the third and fourth wavelength at 650nm and 585nm allow treatment of pale colours which have been found difficult to remove on other systems. These colours include green, turquoise and pale blues.

What technical support do I receive once I have purchased this machine?

As with any Lynton machine, once you have purchased a system you will receive 12-month warranty. At Lynton we have one of the largest teams of support engineers in the UK offering a guaranteed 48-hour response in addition to standard scheduled maintenance visits. A repair or replacement service is also available, along with a wide variety of Lynton service cover options.

Our clients love the Lynton. We are able to get exceptional fading without the increased risk of skin damage due to the flat top square beam profile. Clients heal really quickly and we have had zero incidence of textural change to the skin. The machine has proven to be extremely impressive and very user-friendly. I’m so glad we have all 3 wavelengths y, or we wouldn’t be able to successfully treat this hidden green under the purple.


Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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