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DYNAMIX® – Medical-Grade Laser and IPL Machine

Dynamix - medical-grade IPL & laser equipment
Dynamix IPL and Laser aesthetic machine for hair removal, tattoo removal, and skin rejuvenation.

Dynamix: Elevate Your Aesthetic Clinic, Ignite Your Growth 

Welcome to Dynamix, the game-changer crafted for ambitious aesthetic clinics like yours. Expertly designed and built in Britain, the Dynamix is poised to transform your business journey and fuel your clinic’s growth by offering you the ability to offer over 30 different treatments.

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Crafted for Success

Dynamix is built in Britain by Lynton, the UK’s leading manufacturer of aesthetic technology. With over 30 years of industry experience, Lynton technologies are driven by incredible, consistent results, making them the trusted choice of aesthetic and healthcare professionals who want excellence in their clinic. 

Your Vision, Your Clinic 

Your aesthetic clinic, your rules – Dynamix redefines versatility. It’s not just a device, it’s your device. Dynamix is an all-in-one solution that is built to maximise your clinic space. No more juggling multiple devices or thinking which one to get; Dynamix sets the stage for your growth, and you can have it all, your way.

Built-in Brilliance

Powered by advanced but easy-to-use software, Dynamix ensures safe and effective treatments for your clients. Supported by the expert Lynton Clinical and Training team, you gain the knowledge and tools to deliver standout aesthetic services with confidence. 

Endless Possibilities

Dynamix opens the door to a world of treatments – illumiFacial, laser hair removal, multi-colour tattoo reduction, skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, and so much more. Your clinic becomes a hub of comprehensive aesthetic solutions, distinguishing you in the competitive market. 

Ready for Transformation?

Dynamix is more than a device; it’s the key to unlocking a new era of success for your business, contact us today for more information or to book a demonstration.

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Lynton Dynamix Treatment Options  

The fully equipped Dynamix offers over 30 different treatment options, including:

  • The illumiFacial®
  • Laser hair removal with Laser and IPL
  • Powerful multi-colour tattoo reduction with passive Q switch handpieces
  • Skin rejuvenation with a Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser or IPL
  • Facial tightening and lifting
  • Red vein removal
  • Anti-ageing skin treatments
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Fractional laser resurfacing and much more.

Your Clinic, Your Vision

Dynamix is the embodiment of aesthetic mixology, empowering you to create transformative treatment experiences that will delight your clients time after time.

It is not just a device; it is your device and partner in your journey towards aesthetic excellence. As your clients’ needs evolve, choose Dynamix to make sure your clinic evolves with them. 

Whatever your treatment focus, Dynamix delivers outstanding results, turning your clinic into a space where expertise and innovation meet personalisation, setting you apart in the competitive world of aesthetics:

Lynton Dynamix Professional Modular Laser and IPL Machine

Your Device, Your Way

Due to its modular design, you can configure and customise the Dynamix with any handpieces to fit your clinic’s specific needs.

Dynamix Professional Laser and IPL Machine Screen

Interface Pro

The touch screen treatment controls make Lumina simple to use, meaning that from beginners to seasoned professionals, all practitioners can feel confident in delivering advanced IPL treatments with fantastic results.

Lynton ReBright Medical-grade handpiece for skin rejuvenation

ReBright | Medical-Grade IPL

ReBright is Lynton’s medical-grade IPL at 585nm for delivering excellent and consistent clinical treatments, including the market-leading Illumifacial.

Standard applications include acne, red veins, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, sun damage, and more.

Remove by Lynton advanced IPL and Laser handpieces for hair removal and skin rejuvenation

ReMove | Advanced IPL and Laser

With ReMove, Lynton offers a choice of both laser and IPL technologies for hair removal and skin rejuvenation on all skin types. ReMove LP (Long-pulsed Nd:YAG) at 1064nm can also be used for skin laxity, leg vessels and fungal nail treatments.

ReMove Q passive Q Switch ND:YAG Laser handpieces for tattoo reduction and pigmentation.

ReMove Q | Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

ReMove Q’s passive Q-Switch laser handpieces are available in 532nm and 1064nm for fading multicolour tattoos and treating dermal pigmentation.

Lynton Remodel Radiofrequency RF handpiece for skin tightening and lifting

ReModel | Radiofrequency for Tightening & Lifting

ReModel radiofrequency (RF) technology causes micro-vibrations within the skin tissue to stimulate fibroblast cells which then produce new collagen and elastin, creating stronger, firmer dermal tissue. This leads to a subtle lifting and tightening of the skin that can greatly improve the loss of firmness.

Lynton ResurFACE fractional Erbium YAG laser for skin resurfacing and scar reduction

ResurFACE | Award-winning Fractional Resurfacing Laser

ResurFACE is an award-winning fractional Erbium YAG handpiece at 2940nm, designed to achieve dramatic results on your clients. Use the fractional ablative operating mode for a wide variety of applications, such as stretch marks, scarring, and fine lines & wrinkles.


What technologies does Dynamix incorporate?

Dynamix integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies, including IPLs for hair removal (ReMove) and skin rejuvenation (ReBright), RF (ReModel), Q-Switched Nd:YAG (Remove Q), Erbium YAG laser (ResurFACE), providing a comprehensive suite of aesthetic solutions in a single device.

Is Dynamix suitable for my clinic’s specific needs?

Absolutely. Dynamix is designed to be customised for you, allowing seamless integration into your existing clinic setup. This adaptability ensures a tailored fit for your clinic’s unique requirements.

How does Dynamix compare to other devices in terms of Return on Investment?

Dynamix is positioned to offer excellent potential for return on investment compared to other devices on the market, all while maintaining superior technological capabilities. As a customisable platform, it provides businesses with the ideal balance of affordability, quality, and results.

Can Dynamix be upgraded to accommodate future clinic growth?

Yes, Dynamix is built to be buildable. Its modular design allows for easy upgrades, ensuring that the Dynamix adapts to the needs of your clinics. Instead of buying a new device, you can add more handpieces.

Is training provided for the operation of Dynamix?

Certainly. Lynton provides award-winning comprehensive clinical training to ensure that you and your team can operate and maximise the potential of Dynamix. Our goal is to empower your clinic with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.


How is British manufacturing a benefit?

The British manufacturing of ensures a standard of excellence, quality, and precision. This commitment to craftsmanship enhances the reliability and durability of the device, providing a superior solution for your clinic.

Can Dynamix handle multiple aesthetic treatments at the same time?

Yes – the all-in-one efficiency of Dynamix allows for the seamless handling of multiple aesthetic treatments, making it a versatile solution for clinics looking to offer diverse services without the need to buy multiple devices.

What ongoing support is available after purchasing Dynamix?

We pride ourselves on providing continuous support. Post-purchase, our dedicated support team is available to assist with any queries, technical issues, or additional training requirements, ensuring a smooth and successful integration of Dynamix into your clinic. You will also receive 24/7 access to our Customer Support Portal, which will provide you with a range of materials for your business.

Is Dynamix suitable for both established clinics and startups?

Absolutely. The modularity of the Dynamix makes it an ideal choice both for established clinics looking to expand their treatment menu and startups looking for an all-in-one solution to kickstart their business.

Lynton Dynamix® Laser and IPL Reviews

“I knew I wanted to expand my aesthetic business and the multi-functional platform of the Dynamix by Lynton has enabled me to do exactly that! I started by offering facial treatments including fractional resurfacing, IPL for pigmentation, acne and rosacea as well as laser carbon peels to reduce pore size, all of which complement my aesthetic business and regular patients.

As a nurse practitioner it was important to have a medical-grade device provided by a reputable company. The post sales and training support has been above and beyond my expectations from when I started this journey.

I am continually amazed by the compact size of the Dynamix considering how many hand pieces/treatments it offers.

I would certainly recommend it as a safe and reliable option which provides outstanding results.”

Michelle Worthington – Founder and Practitioner, MWAH

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Expansion of Premises to Facilitate Entry into Export Markets

To facilitate its entry into new export markets, Lynton Lasers Ltd required increased manufacturing space, as well as new demonstration and training facilities. To this end, LEADER Funding was applied for, and won, to support the refurbishment of an adjacent business unit (Unit 9d) as well as the re-arrangement and refurbishment of the existing business unit (Unit 6) on Holmes Chapel Business Park.

This Project was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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