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Luminette Q – Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Professional passive Tattoo Removal Laser for the reduction of black and blue tattoos

Luminette Q Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

A Laser Tattoo Removal Machine for Tattoo Fading 

The Luminette Q tattoo removal machine is a source of high-intensity Q-switched Laser. Based on state-of-the-art laser technology the Luminette Q is capable of delivering pulse fluences of up to 22.6J/cm2 from a compact, portable, desktop unit designed to fit straight into any tattoo studio or clinic. .

This passive Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser will help you fade and remove professional, amateur or traumatic tattoos. It comes with intuitive, easy-to-use software to provide full control over treatment parameters.

The use of a water-to-air cooler in the cooling system and an efficient switched-mode power supply allows the Luminette Q tattoo removal machine to be operated from only a standard 13 Amp mains outlet. No other connections are required.

Get in touch with Lynton Lasers to speak to a specialist and find out more, or arrange a demonstration. 

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Treatment Options 

This tattoo removal machine comes with two wavelengths:

  • You can deliver Nd:YAG 1064nm and 532nm
  • Practitioners can reduce black and dark blue ink pigment.

From the very start, Lynton has been a pioneer in the science and manufacture of laser tattoo removal devices. As a result, we have encapsulated our vast experience and expertise into one, cost-effective system – the Luminette Q.

The Luminette Q is armed with a Q-switched Nd: YAG (1064) & KTP (532nm) laser for the removal of multi-coloured, professional or amateur tattoos. This enables practitioners to capitalise on this robust workstation that will continually deliver results, again and again.

Luminette Q Tattoo Removal Laser Interchangeable Spot Size Attachments

Interchangeable Spot Size Attachments

The output of the Luminette Q Tattoo Removal Laser comprises of passively Q-switched Laser output from a range of ergonomically designed detachable handpieces. A range of different interchangeable spot size spacer attachments serves to deliver the light directly to the treatment area on the skin.

The handpieces themselves store their own unique identifier, calibration factor and flashlamp count record, a feature that allows them to be swapped between Luminette Q systems and also allows remote servicing without any user intervention.

LCD Display

The Luminette Q Laser is menu driven using a blue LCD display and stylish chrome-finish illuminated buttons. Pre-set default parameters are included for the different skin types, all determined through clinical experience.

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser (1064nm & 532nm)

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser (1064nm): operating with simple intuitive software and treatment parameters, the Luminette Q has detachable handpieces for treatments of black ink pigments and dermal pigmentation.

  • Treating black and dark blue tattoo pigments
  • Detachable, intelligent laser handpieces for safety and ease of use
  • Simple, intuitive software for full control over treatment parameters

What clinical support will I receive from Lynton?

Our expert team, of Physicists, Medical Practitioners and Clinicians are on hand to provide you with a superb clinical support network. We also hold regular clinical update training days and run a Masterclass programme to provide you with all the latest information you need to keep your skills up to date.

What colours of tattoo ink can i treat with the LUMINETTE Q?

As 90% of tattoos being removed are dark/black pigments, the LUMINETTE Q’s 1064nm application is perfect for removing these colours. The LUMINETTE Q’s 532nm handpiece is ideal for treatment of less frequent, but still sometimes required, red, purple, and orange ink pigments, as well as superficial pigmentation e.g. sun damage. 

What technical support do I receive with the LUMINETTE Q?

As with any Lynton equipment, you will receive a 1minimum 12-month warranty. At Lynton, we have the largest team of support engineers in the UK, offering a 48-hour response. A repair or replacement service is also available along with a wide variety of Lynton service cover options.

Why can’t I treat all coloured Tattoos?

The majority of colours are treatable. However, rare, pale colours such as yellow and white are extremely difficult to remove with ANY laser. This is due to the lack of target chromophores to absorb the laser light.

Since working with the Lynton LUMINETTE Q system, we haven’t looked back! We’re getting much better results compared to our previous laser and much more business because of Lynton’s reputation and the results their systems provide. The laser is easy to use, and the training was extremely thorough. We find any enquiries are dealt with by Lynton very efficiently. We would recommend Lynton to anyone. We certainly wouldn’t ever be using another machine.


Hand of Mysteries Tattoo Collective


Completed my training in tattoo removal with Lynton and was very impressed with the knowledge and relaxed atmosphere, decided to invest in a Lynton LUMINETTE Q, very easy to use the machine and results are amazing. The support I receive is excellent and nothing is left without answer…. thank you, Lynton.


Ray Cook, Laser Practitioner


Expansion of Premises to Facilitate Entry into Export Markets

To facilitate its entry into new export markets, Lynton Lasers Ltd required increased manufacturing space, as well as new demonstration and training facilities. To this end, LEADER Funding was applied for, and won, to support the refurbishment of an adjacent business unit (Unit 9d) as well as the re-arrangement and refurbishment of the existing business unit (Unit 6) on Holmes Chapel Business Park.

This Project was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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