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EXCELIGHT® – Powerful and compact medical-grade IPL machine

Medical-grade IPL machine for safe and effective hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments

Lynton Lasers EXCELIGHT

Add Over 10 Different Revenue Streams To Your Portfolio 

Made in Britain by the UK’s No.1 IPL manufacturer and leading NHS supplier, the Lynton EXCELIGHT® offers businesses the opportunity to introduce the UK’s most in-demand advanced aesthetic treatments with one compact and easy to use device.

Offering permanent hair reduction and a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments, the Lynton EXCELIGHT® IPL is widely regarded by many Dermatologists as the most clinically effective IPL in the marketplace:

  • Delivering industry-leading power and speed alongside easy to use built-in treatment parameters
  • Designed so that all therapists can operate and carry out safe and effective IPL treatments, ensuring you rapid ROI
  • Offering various treatment options with two highly effective IPL handpieces
  • Performing over 10 different treatments including permanent hair reduction, vascular lesions, pigmentation removal and more. 

The illumiFacial®

With Excelight IPL®, you can add another revenue stream to your business by introducing the illumiFacial®.

illumiFacial® is the ‘next generation’ of the highly successful ‘Photofacial’ treatment, using a new and unique combination of specialist Lynton skincare combined with our powerful, medical-grade Lynton IPL technology. The results are flawless, younger-looking skin.

This ‘Photofacial’ treatment dramatically improves skin tone and appearance with a combination of our specialist skincare combined with our medical-grade IPL technology.

The illumiFacial® allows clients to feel rejuvenated while also treating areas of discolouration on their skin, maximising the results to their face which aims to provide optimum skin health with very short recovery time.

Get in touch to find out how you can generate over £7000 in treatments by introducing the illumiFacial®.

Lynton Lasers DynamicReflex IPL Technology

DynamicReflex Technology®

Not all IPLs are created equal.

Lynton IPL is delivered with DynamicReflex® Technology, a unique technology developed through many years of PhD research and 25 years of manufacturing expertise.

With DynamicReflex® Technology, you can achieve above and beyond the expected results on difficult skin conditions with superior high energy pulses.

This unique technology has been designed so that you can adjust pulse duration, peaks and delay on your laser and IPL machine. Producing sub-millisecond pulse durations allows for safe and effective hair removal treatments on skin types 1 – 5. 

Dermatologists and doctors in the NHS use Lynton IPL because of the amazing clinical results they can achieve safely and effectively using this technology.


Interchangeable Light Guide (ILG™) technology provides you with speed, precision and enhanced epidermal protection from bulk heating.

ILG™ allows the practitioner to tailor spot size for every client due to it’s easy to use, ‘snap-in design’.

Unrivalled spatially selective targeting reduces discomfort in treatments, allowing more effective fluence to be safely used.

ILG™ also provides effortless positioning in contoured areas, such as a small red vein on the client’s nose, or a large spot size for hair removal on the clients back.

Unrivalled Results

The Lynton Excelight® IPL has formed a reputation for unrivalled results on a broad range of clinical indications, including hair removal, vascular lesions, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

Designed with a specification that focuses on the delivery of quick, easy and comfortable treatments for both the patient and operator, the Excelight® IPL ensures all-around satisfaction and outstanding clinical treatment results.

How long does it take to perform a hair removal treatment on a full leg with the EXCELIGHT®?

We would usually advise on average that it would take 25-35 minutes to treat an entire leg for hair removal.

What does Lynton provide to help me market my EXCELIGHT® system?

Not only is your Business Development Consultant on hand to help with open days at your clinic, but you are also sent a comprehensive marketing pack with your new system. This pack contains numerous before and after images for you to use, posters, patient leaflets, consultation forms, record cards and a user manual relating to your system as well as lots of other helpful literature.

You will also gain access to our Customer Support Portal which provides customers with numerous promotional materials, journals, help guides and our Online Shop: providing you with the opportunity to order new literature or POS materials at your own convenience.

We offer a range of other bespoke marketing support materials, which can be discussed on enquiry.

Will I need to send my handpieces back for refurbishment?

No. Just simply have your lamps and filters changed when needed.

Do I need to change the head to replace the spot size?

No. Simply switch the spot size crystal tip.

What can the EXCELIGHT® system treat?

With the EXCELIGHT®  you can offer treatments such as; hair reduction with IPL, thread vessels, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, sun spots + more.

How much would I be looking to charge for a hair removal treatment?

The price is very dependent on the size of the area which you are treating. Prices range from £40-£400.

How will the EXCELIGHT® IPL benefit my clinic?

The Lynton EXCELIGHT® IPL system is designed to fit straight into any business looking to introduce advanced treatments, promising rapid ROI. This British manufactured system can perform over 10 different treatments and is safe and easy to use giving you satisfied customers who will be coming back time and time again. 

I have never looked back after purchasing the IPL from Lynton. It has helped my business expand from a very small salon with three treatment rooms to new premises with nine treatment rooms. Lynton’s training and servicing is excellent. We have achieved fantastic results and have many happy clients. I would recommend Lynton to anyone wanting to start with a hair removal or skin rejuvenation machine.

Becky Parkin, , Lefroy Beauty Therapy

At Ten Years Younger in Exeter, we are proud to say we use The Lynton EXCELIGHT® system, which helps us achieve phenomenal results for our clients. Whether you’re relieving the symptoms of Rosacea or treating thread veins, sun spots or fine lines the transformation of the client’s skin not only has an impact on the way they look or how they apply their makeup but on the way, they feel about themselves. Lynton’s outstanding customer service and training days have helped us enhance our client’s experience and be able to target a wider range of clients concerns.

Ten Years Younger


I love this machine! The EXCELIGHT® is so easy to use; It is excellent. My training with Gill (Lynton Clinical Trainer) was excellent too, she is so professional and explained everything so well and made it easy to understand – absolutely spot on in every way, I did the Level 4 course 3 years ago and it refreshed all my knowledge and I learnt even more. She is a fantastic trainer! I love working with Lynton, your customer service is fantastic. Score 10/10.


Judite De Jlere


We have been very pleased with the performance of the equipment that we have purchased from Lynton. More than that, Lynton provides an excellent all-round service. When I ask their advice, I am always impressed at the level of knowledge and expertise that exists in the company. We have a large NHS clinic as well as a private clinic and knowing that we can pick up the phone and always get an answer is important to us.


Professor Harry Moseley, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee


Lynton Lasers gives me the knowledge and reassurance that I have a team of experts just a quick call away to answer any questions plus, they have a really fast service response time.

The London School of Beauty


I think Lynton are a fantastic company and your customer service is the reason I came back to you again to buy the EXCELIGHT®. Our Business Development Consultant was fantastic and went out of her way for us by getting us a trolley for the system the same day. Janet (Clinical Trainer) is an excellent trainer. Both I and my husband, who is a doctor at the clinic, found her to be very professional. This training was a refresher for us both. The engineer who delivered the EXCELIGHT® was very helpful and was able to help us on site – the servicing of our lasers with you has always been very good. The results I have had with both my LUMINA and EXCELIGHT® have been outstanding, which is exactly what you need in a medic-lead clinic. Very happy! Score 10/10.


Marsh Medical Skin Clinic – Huddersfield

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