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Highly Profitable 'Pain-Free' Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Pain-Free Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for ALL Skin Types

Laser hair removal treatments remain one of the most in-demand aesthetic procedures in the UK. As a result, practitioners now require a change to the traditional specification and output required from a professional laser device: speed, versatility and ‘pain-free’ treatments are now key.

The new INITIA 810nm diode laser has been designed specifically to deliver these three key features, enabling quick, safe, ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal treatments, on all skin types. One of the INITIA’s most outstanding features is its longevity, due to a 15,000,000 shot count. At 14,000,000 more shots than the closest competition, the INITIA ensures unrivalled profitability for your business. 

  • Profitable – record-quick delivery of ‘pain-free’ laser treatments with industry-leading 15,000,000 shot count
  • ‘Pain-Free’ – sub-zero integrated IceTip™, reaching temperatures of -8°C for extra comfortable treatments 
  • Results –  1200W of power with a record-quick delivery of 10 shots per second

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Sub-Zero IceTip™

A huge factor in ‘feeling the difference’of the INITIA diode laser stems from the revelationary IceTip™ contact-cooling handpiece; a technology which offers superior safety and epidermal protection.

Reaching -8°C in temperature, IceTip™ Technology continuously cools the skin during treatment, dramatically reducing discomfort and aiding the INITA ‘Pain-Free’ mode. A market-leading temperature allows practitioners to use higher powers then traditional diode lasers, helping achieve superior clinical results.

  • Market-leading IceTip™ contact cooling down to -8°C degrees
  • Higher fluence (power) achievable due to superior cooling
  • Allows ‘Pain-Free’ mode & reduced pain and discomfort in ‘Standard Mode’ 

We absolutely love the INITIA Diode laser. The flexible operating modes have been a real advantage to our wide range of diverse customers. I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised at the Clinical End Points we have achieved with the INITIA. Our clients who had previously been treated with the YAG have found improved result with the INITIA. We have also had a lot of success with resistant or deep follicles that had struggled to get a result with an Alexandrite laser. It has really given our medical grade Alex/YAG laser a run for its money! The INITIA diode also operates extremely fast, which is an advantage to both the clients and the clinic! We are also really happy with the small size of the unit and the integrated cooling. we wheel it around quite easily and it’s very sturdy, well-built and responsive.



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