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Core of Knowledge in Conjunction with The University of Manchester

27th March 2020

This course is suitable for delegates from different backgrounds, whether they be looking at Laser and IPL as a possible new direction for their business, or are experienced practitioners looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge.

This training course is also highly recommended for all those interested in the science of Lasers & IPLs and it is guaranteed to improve your understanding and confidence in attaining effective treatment results.

The Core Of Knowledge is a 1-day theory course providing the certification required to obtain insurance for laser & IPL systems by virtue of the fact that it covers the fundamentals of laser safety, regulations and light-tissue interactions.

We run regular Core of Knowledge (Laser Safety) courses in conjunction with The University of Manchester. These courses follow the syllabus as outlined by the MHRA. The BMLA recommends that all laser users attend a Core of Knowledge every 5 years.

Why Train with Lynton

Lynton originates from The University of Manchester, so it is natural that very close links remain between the University and Lynton’s manufacturing, research and training programmes. As a result, we are proud to run a range of laser training courses developed in collaboration with the University’s School of Physics, providing a fantastic opportunity for delegates to receive world-leading educational content from an Institute of Higher Education.

Held at our own Centre of Excellence training facilities, our courses cover all aspects of laser & light-based technologies, with all content written and developed in conjunction with The University of Manchester. 

What Will You Get Out of It? 

  • After completing this course, you will receive a Certificate in Conjunction with The University of Manchester
  • The certification required to obtain insurance for laser & IPL systems by virtue of the fact that the course covers the fundamentals of laser safety, regulations and light-tissue interactions.
Dr Samantha Hills

Course Leader

Dr Samantha Hills

Dr Sam Hills is the Clinical Director at Lynton Lasers and oversees the Clinical and Training Program. In 2017 Sam was also appointed an honorary lecturer in the Department of Musculoskeletal and Dermatological Sciences at the University of Manchester, in recognition for her on-going contribution to the University of Manchester’s ‘Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine’ MSc course.

Before joining Lynton she completed a degree in Physics, followed by a PhD in Physics and Pharmaceutical Sciences, working in the field of light responsive drug delivery. After graduation, she worked as a Post- Doctoral Research fellow at The University of Manchester until joining Lynton in 2002. 

She is the author and main lecturer of the industry-leading Lynton / University of Manchester Skin Laser courses that are available to anyone in the industry with an interest in laser applications. She has been asked to contribute to a number of books on laser and light treatments and has published over 30 papers in a variety of medical and scientific journals.

Course Details

£300 Incl. VAT27 / 03 / 20201 DayThe Lynton Training Academy, Cheshire

Thanks, Sam, for another great training day. It helps to stabilise and focus myself during this unstable time and gives me innovation to plan for after lockdown.


Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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