Selectively Destroy Fat Cells with Coolwaves™


ONDA is the worlds first and only device to use the revolutionary new technology for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction - Coolwaves™ by DEKA.

Dr Khan Onda Microwaves

Dr Khan discussed this first and only body shaping and cellulite device at AM Live in March. Unlike any other body shaping or radiofrequency devices, the ONDA uses specialist microwaves at 2.45 GHz to destroy fat cells. 

How does it work?

Microwave technology works by bypassing the uppermost layers of skin tissue, helping to deliver more energy/heat directly to where it is needed: the subcutaneous fat layer. This prevents heating in the Dermis and Epidermis and helps the energy penetrate directly through to the target. The remaining 80% penetrates into the fat.

This new technology helps dramatically reduce the heating of the surface tissue, by focusing heat in the subdermal fatty tissues, with 80% more energy than its closest competitors, and with more control and less downtime/complications than Cryolipolysis alternatives. 

This helps dramatically reduce the heating of the surface tissue, resulting in a safer, more effective non-invasive body shaping treatment with fewer complications and consumables than Radiofrequency & Cryolipolysis alternatives.

As manufacturers of the previously globally-renowned Laserlipolysis® treatment, DEKA has again developed a technology that will truly change the way in which all non-surgical body shaping procedures are delivered.

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