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Lynton Lasers are Thrilled to Become a Founding Member of Aesthetics Entrepreneurs

6th March 2020

GSD Conference

Lynton Lasers are thrilled to announce that they have become a founding member of the Aesthetic Entrepreneurs Alliance Programme in collaboration with Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, the leading business coaching and professional development company in the UK. 

The AE Alliance is a trusted network of suppliers, who share the Aesthetic Entrepreneurs vision and values of progression, empowerment and principle for aesthetic practitioners. 

Founder of AE, Richard Crawford-Small, said “I’m thrilled to be able to work with the Lynton team to help provide business support to their customer base. By working with us, Lynton have really demonstrated their own commitment to business development and a desire to continually add value to their customers. Additionally, their support of our key values is a real statement to the market that quality, service and ethical business practice is taken seriously. We are now able to combine our innovative solutions for business growth, with their market-leading technology to provide business support programmes to their customers. By being recognised by a world-class organisation such as Lynton that shares these values, is an incredible endorsement.”

Sales & Marketing Director Hayley Jones from Lynton Lasers said…

“We love the energy at Aesthetic Entrepreneurs and want all of our customers to benefit from our combined support. We recognised that the Aesthetic Entrepreneurs were providing something very different to the UK Aesthetics market, by working with entrepreneurs as people, not just businesses we can help them realise their own potential. At Lynton we are taking customer service to the next level! In addition to this, we will also be attending the Aesthetic Entrepreneurs GSD Conference IV on the 20th-21st of March to build relationships further with the AE community”.

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