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Lynton Feature on Good Morning Britain & ITV News

31st March 2015

Lynton continue to appear across various national media outlets – this time appearing on the popular ITV programme, Good Morning Britain. Watched by millions across the UK, GMB’s camera crew rushed over to the Lynton Clinic, Cheadle, after seeing our story (the donation of tattoo removal technology to the Vatican) feature in The Guardian, Daily Mail and Manchester Evening News.

In a private ceremony that took place in the prestigious Picture Gallery, we were personally thanked by one of Pope Francis’ six Essays, Cardinal Bertello, for the donation of their Compact Phoenix™ laser to The Vatican City Museum.  The laser has been donated to help conserve the Vatican’s priceless works of art and sculpture.

Other features can be foud here:

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The Compact Phoenix™ laser, similar to that of the technology used for tattoo removal has been donated to help tackle one of its more unusual challenges. Contrary to initial fears of a Pope Francis tattoo condemnation; this laser is actually used by the Vatican City Museum to remove hundreds of years of dirt and grime from some of their most treasured historical artworks. 

With over 20 years expertise in medical and aesthetic laser technology, we are a pioneer in this unique conservation laser technique. Dr Martin Cooper, one of the UK’s leading laser conservation specialists explains that “laser cleaning enables conservators to remove unwanted layers without over cleaning or damaging the valuable surface of the artwork. This laser is perfectly suited to the work the Vatican Museums has been looking to carry out, and will help ensure the conservation of some of the world’s finest artworks.”

The similarity between laser cleaning and tattoo removal technology is simple, they both use extremely short pulses of near infrared laser radiation to remove unwanted particles, be they particles of dirt or ink. This laser technology emits an intense, highly directional and pure form of light that is absorbed strongly by darker colours such as pollution encrustations and tattoo ink; the laser light is instantaneously absorbed causing a photomechanical effect which breaks up the pollution crust and tattoo ink leading to its gentle removal without damaging the surface of the artwork or, in the case of the tattoo patient, the skin.

Andy Charlton, Chairman of Lynton Lasers Ltd and who attended the trip says “Our laser cleaning systems provide conservators with an extremely gentle method of cleaning and removing dirt from very fragile surfaces; for example, even from a badly weathered marble surface desperately in need of consolidation. We were informed of the Vatican’s dilemma by our Italian partners, and decided a donation of our Compact Phoenix™ Laser would be the perfect solution”.

The weekend trip consisted of guided tours of the Vatican Gardens, private viewings of the Picture Galley and lunch in the Gregoriano Profano Museum, finished off with a tour around the “Pope’s Farm”, a real farm where the Pope has cows for his milk, tomatoes for his meals and yoghurt for his breakfast.

Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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