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Alternative to the ‘Instant Fix’​?

1st December 2019

Alternative Non-Surgical Skincare Treatments

2019 will see many growing trends develop within the consumer beauty market, all of which will alter the levels of demand for particular types of skincare and aesthetic treatments.

The most popular and fastest growing trend, according to many industry experts, including Jennifer Hessel (an industry consultant and L’Oreal alumna) is ‘The Instant Fix’ (Forbes, 2018).

This self-explanatory title refers to the age-old desire for instant gratification and the growing demands for products that allow a consumer to see ‘immediate improvements to their skin’ e.g. a brighter, softer, firmer appearance. The appropriately named “Skintellectuals” demographic (Business of Fashion, 2018), is evidence of more consumers trialling different skincare products and ingredients, hoping to find ‘the one’, which will help them achieve the ‘instant results’ they strive for – in most cases, they are left disappointed.

The ‘Instant Fix’ trend presents a substantial opportunity, not only for cosmeceutical skincare brands but for those aesthetic clinics across the UK who can offer consumers non-surgical skin treatments, that deliver the ‘instant results’ they demand.

Combining Aesthetic Technologies

As the UK’s leading aesthetic technologies manufacturer, with over 25 years’ experience in improving the appearance and health of the skin, as well as formulating our very own skincare range, we recently developed ‘the ultimate non-surgical’ skin rejuvenation device: 3JUVE. Using a combination of three different aesthetic technologies (Fractional Laser, IPL & Radio Frequency), the 3JUVE has been designed purposely so that clinics have the ability to offer a bespoke skin treatment regime to every single client, offering instant improvements and the best possible result for the individual.

Dr Samantha Hills, Clinical Director at Lynton, said: ‘It is clear from both our research and growing industry trends, consumers are tired of spending thousands of pounds on skincare products that don’t deliver quick results. They want more noticeable skin rejuvenation results without undergoing surgery. When we asked consumers about their main ageing concerns, the three overwhelming answers were: wrinkles, discolouration of the skin and a general loss of firmness and sagging of the skin. Our new 3JUVE device provides all three of these treatments in one device and can offer improvements to every client’s skin who walks through the door of the clinic”.

For more information on the 3JUVE platform, visit lynton.co.uk/3JUVE

Featured on Celebrity Angels | Lynton LinkedIn Article



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