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Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency skin tightening is a fantastic non-surgical treatment to tighten and firm loose and sagging skin across the face and body. Powerful radiofrequency energy is harnessed to stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin’s elastin fibres which leaves the skin looking fresher, tighter and smoother.

This non-invasive skin tightening treatment is carried out using the Promax Lipo which delivers controlled radiofrequency energy to the skin. As we age, we lose collagen in our skin, the radiofrequency stimulates the collagen, which helps to improve skin laxity and plumps the skin.

The gentle warming sensation ensures a pleasant and relaxing treatment. There is no pain or downtime involved and you can return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment.


How does the Lynton ProMax Lipo work?

ProMax utilises safe and effective Radio Frequency technology. The radiofrequency energy is applied to the skin causing gentle heating. This stimulates a process often referred to as ‘wound healing’. The heat is recognised by the brain which then signals cells in the deeper layers of your skin to produce collagen and elastin. Over time the collagen and elastin grows and your skin will start to tighten, looking fresher and smoother. ProMax is particularly effective on fine lines, lower face slackness and just over all skin tightening.

How is the treatment carried out?

A thin layer of contact lotion is applied to the area and an applicator delivering RF current is moved in a circular motion which causes heating in the skin. The desired skin temperature is reached quickly and then maintained for 3 to 4 minutes. Typically, each treatment session lasts 45 to 60 minutes. The contact lotion is then removed, and a serum and SPF are applied.

What does the treatment feel like?

Treatment is not considered painful; most people actually comment on how pleasurable and relaxing the heating sensation is due to the multi-frequency technology of ProMax.

What should I expect after treatment?

The treated area may be pink for a short time after treatment, but this will subside quickly within 1-2 hours for most. Immediately after treatment, contraction of the skin will often occur, and the skin should appear fresher and a little tighter. The true results show around 6 months after a course once the collagen and elastin has grown.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare but can include redness of the area for 1-2 days and possible slight swelling. Most people have no problems and find they can go straight back to work and their normal day to day activities straight away.

What areas can be treated?

ProMax is particularly effective on fine lines, lower face slackness and overall skin tightening. Some clients will have their main area of concern treated such as the eyes, around the mouth or jawline, whilst many have full face and neck treatments to maximise results.

How many treatments are necessary?

Generally, a course of 6 to 8 treatments are recommended at 2-3 weekly intervals. After a course of treatments results are expected to last 1 to 2 years however, we do recommend maintenance sessions around once every 1-3 months.

Consultation Procedure

Prior to treatment you must first undergo a consultation during which details about your medical history are obtained in order to confirm your suitability. Before proceeding with treatment, you will also be asked to complete a consent form.

LUMINA® – Professional Laser and IPL Machine

LUMINA® – Professional Laser and IPL Machine

The award-winning Lynton LUMINA is our most popular laser and IPL machine due to its unique ability to combine multiple technologies in one, stand-alone aesthetic machine. The LUMINA saves space in your clinic room and enables you to deliver over 24 aesthetic treatments, such as professional laser and IPL hair removal, laser tattoo removal, pigmentation treatment and much more.

3JUVE® – Professional Multi-Application Skin Rejuvenation Machine

3JUVE® – Professional Multi-Application Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Every face is unique, precisely why any facial treatment should be too. The 3JUVE® combines Fractional Er:YAG Laser, Intense Pulsed Light, and Radio Frequency technology so that you can offer an entirely customisable facial treatment to anyone that walks through your door.

ONDA Coolwaves™ – Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Machine

ONDA Coolwaves™ – Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Machine

The ONDA Coolwaves® is the worlds first and only device to use the revolutionary new Microwave technology: Coolwaves® by DEKA. Coolwaves® offer a triple action, non-surgical body sculpting effect on fat reduction, cellulite and skin laxity. There is no other device on the market that can treat cellulite as effectively as the ONDA.

Promax LIPO – Non-Surgical Liposuction and Skin Tightening Machine

Promax LIPO – Non-Surgical Liposuction and Skin Tightening Machine

The ProMax Lipo utilises a powerful combination of three market-leading technologies for instant inch loss, dramatic cellulite reduction and now the industry-renowned ‘instant, non-invasive face-lift’.

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