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Achieve Outstanding Skin Tightening Results And More With Focus Dual®

10th August 2023

A patient is being given a microneedling treatment for skin tightening with the Lynton Focus Dual

As a practitioner, you appreciate the significance of offering state-of-the-art treatments that yield exceptional results for your clients. When it comes to skin tightening, Focus Dual® is the ultimate solution for your clinic. As the UK’s leading manufacturer of laser and IPL technology, Lynton not only provides cutting-edge equipment but also offers unmatched support and expertise to help your business thrive. What’s more, with the purchase of your new device, you’ll gain access to our exclusive launch programme, a series of live training sessions over the course of 5 weeks, designed to give you the tools to launch your new device like a pro.

Skin Tightening And More – The Versatility of Focus Dual®

Focus Dual® is renowned for its outstanding skin tightening capabilities. By utilising radiofrequency (RF) microneedling and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, it stimulates collagen production deep within the tissue, resulting in firmer, smoother and more youthful-looking skin. Tightening the skin from the deepest layer, the SMAS, Focus Dual® is capable of achieving results that were previously only possible through the use of surgical intervention! This non-invasive procedure is suitable for clients seeking to address laxity in various areas, including the face, neck, décolletage and even the body.

Your patients will be pleased to know that wrinkles and fine lines can also be treated, as Focus Dual®’s precise laser energy promotes the production of fresh collagen, effectively reducing their appearance. The treatment can be tailored to target specific areas prone to dynamic or static wrinkles, providing clients with natural-looking results.

Scars, whether caused by acne, surgery, or injury, can also be significantly reduced, improving a person’s confidence. Focus Dual® achieves this goal by using RF microneedling to stimulate collagen production, thus minimising the appearance of scars. Clients can experience improved texture and reduced visibility of both raised and depressed scars. Stretch marks can also be a source of self-consciousness for many individuals but they, too, can be minimised with Focus Dual®.

Focus Dual® addresses an array of concerns, equipping practitioners with the tools to effectively address their clients’ needs. Whether it’s skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, scar improvement or stretch mark reduction, this versatile machine enables practitioners to offer bespoke treatment plans. We’ve covered what this innovative device can do for you patients but what can Lynton do for you?

Why Choose Lynton?

There are a multitude of reasons why you should choose Lynton but we’re going to focus on three today…

Unparalleled Expertise

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as the trusted name in aesthetic technology. Our team includes scientists, engineers and clinicians who work tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Extensive Training and Support

We go the extra mile to support you. When you join the Lynton family, to help you make the most of our skin tightening devices, we’ll provide comprehensive training, ensuring that you and your staff possess the knowledge and skills to operate Focus Dual® effectively and safely. From initial training to ongoing assistance (including a technical team with a 48-hour response time), we are committed to helping you unlock your clinic’s full potential. As previously mentioned, we’re now offering access to our launch programme with the purchase of every new Focus Dual® because we are committed to our your success.

Innovative Technology

Focus Dual® is a testament to our dedication to excellence. This machine combines two potent technologies, Radiofrequency (RF) and fractional laser, to deliver exceptional skin tightening results with minimal downtime. This advanced combination offers practitioners a versatile treatment option to address a wide range of concerns. To put it simply, you gain access to award-winning technology by opting for Lynton.

Take Skin Tightening To The Next Level

In the competitive field of aesthetics, it is crucial to invest in equipment that sets you apart and delivers exceptional results. Lynton’s Focus Dual® not only offers industry-leading technology, but by choosing us as your supplier, you align yourself with the UK’s leading manufacturer of laser and IPL technology to ensure that you stay at the forefront of the industry. 


Get in touch with our team by filling out a contact form or call them on 01477 536 977 to join the Lynton family and our exclusive launch programme!

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Expansion of Premises to Facilitate Entry into Export Markets

To facilitate its entry into new export markets, Lynton Lasers Ltd required increased manufacturing space, as well as new demonstration and training facilities. To this end, LEADER Funding was applied for, and won, to support the refurbishment of an adjacent business unit (Unit 9d) as well as the re-arrangement and refurbishment of the existing business unit (Unit 6) on Holmes Chapel Business Park.

This Project was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Lynton House, Manor Lane, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AF

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