Lynton Win Award for 'Most Innovative Treatment 2014'



In its first year of launch, our new ResurFACE fractional laser hand piece has won the MyFaceMyBody Award for ‘Most Innovative Aesthetic Treatment 2014’. This fantastic achievement is the latest acknowledgment of our continued technological innovation, and encapsulates 20 years expertise in aesthetic technologies.

This new fractional laser skin resurfacing (ablative) handpiece provides total rejuvenation, giving the skin a smooth, youthful and glowing appearance. Effectively treating the top aesthetic concerns in the UK, which include acne scarring, stretch marks and fine lines & wrinkles; ResurFACE offers the ideal solution in establishing users as the premier clinic in their area.

To find our more on the ResurFACE hand piece, and the potential opportunities it can provide to your business, call Lynton today...