Lynton Win Second Award of 2014 - Best Customer Service


We are delighted to have been voted ‘Best Customer Service Provider by Manufacturer’ at the Aesthetic Awards 2014. This award perfectly encapsulates and reflects 20 successful years within the Aesthetics industry, a milestone achieved through our primary company ethos; providing unrivalled customer service and post-purchase support.

Our success has been built on the relationships formed with our customers, as a result of the most comprehensive business support within the industry. All team members, regardless of their role at Lynton, are taught the key 'Lynton Beliefs & Goals' during their induction period. This involves educating staff that Lynton’s success is down to the relationships formed with our customers, and that post-purchase support is one of the key fundamental aspects of our business.

Staffs are required and encouraged to ensure they deliver excellent customer service, and that no customer ever feels unsatisfied with the service they have received. Our largest internal department at Lynton head office is of course, Customer Service. This department work towards a strategy, with a key goal being to ‘exceed customer’s expectations’ and secure Lynton as the leading customer service provider within the industry.

All customers have their own dedicated Business Development Consultant, however, at Lynton, we do encourage all staff to build and engage in relationships with all our customers. This has resulted in very close working relationships, leading to a perfect synergy between our and their businesses.

In regards to ensuring our products deliver industry leading results, we achieve consistent quality and reliable supply and manufacture of products and services at all times. This is through operating and maintaining a medical specification quality management system compliant with the international standards ISO9001 and ISO13485.

We perform extensive tests on every product before it leaves Lynton including, where relevant, testing of each individual sub-assembly. We are a British manufacturer who takes great pride in our equipment produced at our head office/production site. Though having a large Research & Development team of PHD physicists, we are able to continually improve our products to a premier standard.

We employ experienced engineers, graduates and post-graduates in areas such as electronics, software and laser physics to ensure we remain on-top with the lasted developments and core fundamental aspects of laser/light and new aesthetic technologies.

Due to having the largest team of engineers within the industry, we analyse field performance of all products on an ongoing basis and maintain rigorous on-site servicing and repair procedures.

Finally, we would like to thank all those customer that took the time to vote for us in this award campaign, and that we will continue to deliver the best service possible going forwards,

The Lynton team

Lynton Mission Statement- ‘To delight our customers with exceptional customer service and high quality products'.

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